Roger and Site Construction

This is a quick one because it’s late. I’m updated the website and my shop big time. I’m using Square’s ecommerce right now as a inbetweener store while the remodel is being done on the website. It will take me a week or two to get the site/store updated and get all the payment gateways (paypal, credit cards etc) set up and sandbox tested. I could have it done sooner but I have other responsibilities and commitments to tend to.  If I like square’s stores set up and the no paypal option isn’t a disaster,  I might keep it. It already seems to be easier for me to use and the fees really aren’t bad. Of course I know most of you out there use paypal exclusively. So that also factors in.  Anyways, at check out it ask if you have a Square Account or want to make one. Just scroll down further and click Checkout as Guest and you can enter you address and simply pay with a major credit card or bank debit card. easy peesy… I do still accept PayPal Just shoot me a message and I’ll set that up. Square’s says delivery turnaround time is 14 days. Typically pieces ship within a week […]


Fall Has Arrived!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Summer – but Fall. Oh, the gorgeous perfection that is Autumn…Texas is BEYOND hot for most of the year, so these months of cooler weather, falling leaves in incredible colors…did I mention the cooler weather? It is such a welcome and joyous reprieve and puts me in the very best of moods! With that in mind, starting now, along with having lowered some prices, we are having a 20% OFF SALE on everything currently in the shop! So many pieces to choose from – and using the coupon code with get you mega savings! At Checkout put in the code to receive the savings! The Mini-Brewmasters, designed by @Motorbot, 3-D print sculpt by @iamscumbag and color, cast & produced by @duboseart are really, really excellent figures. They are currently going for a low price, especially with the coupon code – if you’ve had your eye on these guys – now is the time! The Trifecta of awesome pieces: Jonathan, Adil & Kevin put a lot of work into make these guys a badass reality. Grab yours while you can! If you want a specific color of Mini-Brewmaster, please make a note in checkout, otherwise they will […]


Short post – new items, etc.

Hey guys & gals – it has been a while since we’ve updated the blog, but we are still here – still working! We’ve added some things to the shop this week – Plague Dunnys, a few Custom Pops and the custom 6+ Inch Predator J is perfecting. There are still some spots available for this guy – For the first time we are offering deposits to save yours if you’re interested but don’t have the cash at hand! Just message J over on his instagram or at! Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather – We are staying busy in the shop, getting pieces out as fast as we can make them! Thanks to everyone for the continued support!


Happy Friday!

We have been so busy around here, as I am sure you all have too! Check out the shop – we have just added several new things in very limited quantities!  Take advantage while they are still available!. You never know when something as truly awesome as these guy are going to pop up again! Many things going on – but it is Friday! Time  to go spend time with our little family (between working, of course..) More to come this week…! Thank you all for your continued support! You all are the besr! Thank you, A & J DuBose


The weekend is almost here!

Hey folks! We hope you all have had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend as much as we are. Although we will be working as always, “Saturday and Sunday” just SOUND nice! A new month is coming with lots of exciting new things in store! We have just added some new Mini BrewMasters in various colorways – be sure to check them out, along with all over the other awesome pieces still on sale in the DuBose Art shop! Look out for some auctions popping up during the next couple of days over at the @duboseart Instagram too! Many excellent things went out in the mail this week and more to come next week, so watch those mailboxes! Enjoy these last couple of days of July – it’s only going to get hotter before the beautiful cool(er) temperatures of fall settle over us again.. As always, we thank you all for your continued support! You guys and gals are the best! – A & J